If you’re wrapping up a building project, then the site is probably covered with all sorts of leftover materials, from scrap lumber and bent nails to sandwich wrappers and empty water bottles. Getting rid of this mess is essential to ensuring your client’s satisfaction. But, while debris hauling may seem like a job for casual laborers, it’s actually more involved than it appears. So ask yourself the following questions before relying on untrained amateurs.

Do they Know what they’re Doing?

Construction sites are filled with potential hazards, the kind that can lead to disaster for those unprepared to deal with them. These can include sinkholes, old wells, broken glass, chemicals, buried cables, and metal fasteners. It takes a pro to spot these dangers and eliminate them. If something unfortunate happens on the site, then you may find yourself on the hook for big medical bills. Why risk a huge liability just for the chance of saving a small amount of money?

Will you Really Save Money?

When you hire Armstrong Contractors to handle your construction hauling needs, then you know the job will be done in time to meet important deadlines. Compare this with the risk you take when you hire amateurs, who may or may not have the experience, tools, and personal reliability to finish the task in a timely manner. Are you willing to take a chance on costly delays that could ruin your firm’s reputation?

Are they Exposing you to Legal Liabilities?

As you know, environmental regulations are getting stricter all the time; and you’re responsible for everything that goes on in your construction zone. Unskilled laborers might mishandle toxic chemicals or leave hazardous materials on-site. These kind of problems are like ticking time bombs that could come back to haunt you weeks, months, or years later. For example, disposing of paints or solvents in a careless manner could let poisons leach into nearby streams and rivers. If this happens, then the consequences could include hefty fines for you and sickness or even death for innocent people.

Add it all up and the smart choice becomes clear. Armstrong Contractors is the company of choice for construction hauling and site cleanup. Contact us today to find out more. We’ll visit your site, discuss your needs, and prepare a no-cost, no-obligation quote for your review, giving you the facts you need to make an informed decision. We look forward to hearing from you.


I have personally worked with Armstrong Contractors and I can say that they handle themselves in an extremely professional manor. Not only would I use them again, I strongly recommend their services.

M. Thompson