Soil Stabilization

Before you can build, you need to ensure that the soil beneath your building, road, or parking lot is stable enough to handle the weight and traffic. Soil stabilization improves the durability by compacting the soil and removing excess water. This ensures that the ground will not swell, crumble, or otherwise move under your building or parking lot, which could result in significant damage and expensive repairs.

Soil Stabilization Procedure

Aggregate materials are added to your soil to improve its qualities. Depending on the condition of the soil and the amount of stabilization needed, different amounts of materials will be used. Typical aggregate materials include gravel, sand, clay, and silt. In some instances, lime and cola ash or bitumen may be used to stabilize your soil.

The aggregate materials are mixed together either on-site or off-site. Once the correct mixture has been created, it is poured onto your existing soiled and mixed using various pieces of construction equipment. This helps ensure the stabilization materials reach the required depth and provide you with the stable soil you need to continue your project. Once your soil has been stabilized, it can be leveled and graded, according to your construction needs.

Benefits of Using Armstrong Contractors in Columbia, SC for Your Soil Stabilization

Here at Armstrong Contractors in Columbia, SC, we have decades of experience stabilizing, grading, and leveling soil. When you hire the Armstrong brothers for your project, you can expect high-quality work that is performed with integrity, pride, and safety in mind.

When you call us with your project, you can expect to be treated professionally and courteously. Our construction professional will ask you a few questions about your project and schedule a time to meet for an estimate. You can expect your estimate to be detailed and list all the materials to be used as well as the time frame for completion.

Once you agree to the estimate, you will be provided with construction start and completion dates. If you have any special considerations or circumstances, let us know. We are happy to work with businesses to provide the highest-quality services on a time frame that benefits your project and your budget. Contact us today for an estimate on your soil stabilization project or to receive more information.


I have personally worked with Armstrong Contractors and I can say that they handle themselves in an extremely professional manor. Not only would I use them again, I strongly recommend their services.

M. Thompson