Who We Work With

  • Commercial Developers

    Commercial Developers

    Commercial site preparation often involves the demolition and removal of a previous development. The professional work crews from Armstrong Contractors will expertly clear the site, removing old buildings, utilities, and roadwork to clear the way for new development. We perform rough grading of the entire site and excavation services for the building itself. We follow your site specification plans to the last detail to ensure that the site is ready for your construction team to get started.

    Our team creates savings for our clients by recycling site debris. Our recycling program diverts hundreds of thousands of pounds of site debris from filling our beautiful state’s landfills each year. Recycled concrete and asphalt from our commercial sites can be reused as temporary roads on-site or as part of another commercial application.

  • Industrial


    Our fleet of heavy construction equipment means that we will always have the right piece of equipment to tackle any task. We have handled a wide range of industrial and commercial site development projects from warehousing to manufacturing sites. No matter the initial condition of the site, from unpopulated forested swampy land to redevelopment in urban population centers, we can get the job done efficiently according to plan. We provide complete site survey services to ensure the ground is safe for construction, build access roads to allow our equipment to safely access the site, and prepare the site for drainage, utilities, and construction.

  • Municipal


    We understand that large-scale municipal projects require a site development contractor who is able to handle massive projects. Our goal is to be your contractor of choice whether the project involves major earthworks or more refined contouring. We have decades of experience in site preparation for large-scale projects such as waste and water treatment facilities, school and hospital campuses, and airports.

    Because 90 percent of our work involves commercial paving, grading, and site utilities, our employees are experienced in all aspects of transportation construction including bridges, roadways, and interstate interchanges. We inspect every mile of the proposed roadway, preparing the site by removing vegetation and obstacles such as rocks and ensuring that every portion of the roadway can support the expected traffic load. Site preparation is critical to guaranteeing the expected lifespan of the roadway.

  • Residential Developers

    Residential Developers

    Residential developments require complex, professional site development services. Before the official groundbreaking, Armstrong Contractors is on-site and on the job. We start with a full-service site and soil assessment to better determine the appropriate approach for clearing and grading the site. From there, Armstrong Contractors expertly executes the site plans for temporary and permanent access roads, utilities, retention ponds, and specialized site requirements.

    At Armstrong Contractors, we understand that residential developers are building more than homes. They are creating interconnected communities of homes, open spaces, and recreational facilities that bring people together in neighborhoods throughout South Carolina. We take pride in the fact that our work brings people together to live in harmony with their neighbors.

  • Recreational


    After the initial earthworks are complete, recreational sites such as parks and golf course fairways require a gentle hand. These projects demand final contouring services that are executed precisely according to demanding plan specifications. We will work to finish the site quickly and efficiently with minimal impact on the surrounding environment. Our experience allows us to work with absolute precision even in the most demanding of environmental conditions to ensure that we exceed our clients’ expectations each and every time.

    Outdoor recreational facilities can provide and important sense of place and pride to a school or a community. We strive to work closely with our recreational clients to make certain our final product is in line with their vision for the space.


I have personally worked with Armstrong Contractors and I can say that they handle themselves in an extremely professional manor. Not only would I use them again, I strongly recommend their services.

M. Thompson