Site Utilities

When you need to have site utilities set up for your Columbia, South Carolina job site, it’s easy to go with the cheapest contractor out there. But that contractor may not be able to deliver on what they’ve promised, won’t return your calls or just doesn’t get the job done. A better bet is hiring a quality contractor with a strong record of exceptional performance, safety and reliability in the area. Armstrong Contractors is the answer.

At Armstrong Contractors, we know that getting your site utilities set up properly is key to getting the rest of your job done. Without electricity, water, or other services, it can be virtually impossible to make any significant progress on your project. We believe in providing a quality job that we can take pride in and that you can rely on. But how are we different than the competition?

We start by doing a safety survey of your site, making sure that none of our equipment or actions will cause problems with existing utilities and areas that require special care. We know that damage to existing services not only costs money to repair, it also costs you time as your work site is tied up to fix the problem. In the case of broken water lines, damage can result in flooding and erosion, washing away your grading work and stopping work while the work site dries out.

We take great pride in our work, so we always make sure your service is working properly before we call the job done. Instead of just hooking up a few wires or pipes and heading on our way, we check to make sure you have service and that it’s working correctly. We think you shouldn’t have to worry about the work we’re doing for you.

We also have a strong sense of integrity. If something goes wrong with your site utility hookup, we’ll be there to help fix the problem, not play phone tag with you while your frustrations and expenses soar. We’ve been working in the industry for decades, with our business founded in 1997 by the three Armstrong brothers after deciding to form a separate company from one operated by their father.

At Armstrong Contractors, we believe that even something as simple as hooking up site utilities deserves the best possible attention to detail and care in planning and operating on your job site. We offer you the same honor and integrity in our business dealings that have made us successful in the Columbia, South Carolina area for the past two decades. We provide the same excellent work completed with pride in every job we undertake. And at Armstrong Contractors, safety is always paramount to our job site operations.

At Armstrong, we take care of you first.


I have personally worked with Armstrong Contractors and I can say that they handle themselves in an extremely professional manor. Not only would I use them again, I strongly recommend their services.

M. Thompson